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A Unique Taste in Every Season - Japanese Restaurants

The hospitality of high-class restaurants in Japan is highly regarded around the world. Visiting fine restaurants in Japan is a luxurious way of spending time that can only be experienced at these places. Here, we will introduce the features of these high-class restaurants in Japan.

Experience the four seasons with your whole body. The big attraction of eating out is, of course, that you can enjoy delicious food. One characteristic of high-class Japanese restaurants is that you can enjoy the delicacy of seasonal ingredients presented in a beautiful way. Even with the same ingredients, the most delicious way to eat them may change depending on the season. Skipjack and herring are typical examples. In addition, the whole look of the table changes depending on the dish that your meal is served on. The expressive power of the presentation of these dishes and tableware is a complete work of art. At these restaurants, the best cooks know how to give you the best dish, and the best dish will delight your eyes as well as your tongue.

A sophisticated space. Many of Japan's finest restaurants protect your privacy with seats in private rooms, so it's perfect for entertaining guests or when you want to spend some time with your loved ones without worrying about other people ruining the atmosphere. And when you do not want people to hear your conversations, these private rooms allow you to talk without hesitation, away from other peoples’ ears. In addition, there are many hideaway-style shops that may be in places you might overlook if you don’t know them, or restaurants in a luxurious single family-like building. From the storefronts, you can experience and enjoy the unexpected but extraordinary feeling of uniqueness. Private rooms and seats also have ample space with many cushions to relax on, so you will not feel as if you do not like it because it is small, or the chairs are hard and uncomfortable.

Enjoy your time without worrying about sophisticated table manners. Obviously there are table manners overseas, and of course, even in Japan there are minimum table manners which are essential. But some people may go to high-class restaurants without even knowing these basic essentials. Some high-end Japanese restaurants are more relaxed about table manners compared to overseas though. If you make a small mistake at these restaurants, they will pretend not to see it. It is through their ‘do not make customers feel awkward’ sense of hospitality that they are more relaxed. But in the end it is still a high-class restaurant, so try to avoid strong perfumes and casual clothes. Which in turn, also means that you will not feel unpleasant about other customers perfumes and clothes too. If all customers provide some level of table manners, everyone will have a pleasant time.

Warming hospitality. The high level of the Japanese hospitality is world-famous. There are hardly any staff in high-class restaurants who cannot work exactly according to the manual. It is a common place to look customers in the eye, think hard about what the customer wants, and speak out before the customer speaks. They are not looking for tips or word-of-mouth ratings in return. These restaurants want people who come to their establishment to feel comfortable and have a smile on their face. This feeling is definitely conveyed to the customers who visit these restaurants. If a restaurant has staff who are genuinely happy that you have chosen to come there, and who can suggest food and drink to suit your tastes, then you are likely to become a regular.

You will thoroughly enjoy what you can only taste here. The main points will vary from person to person, such as seasonal ingredients, artistic presentation, sophisticated atmosphere of the store, and high hospitality. However, many things can only be found in these fine Japanese restaurants. So why don't you try one out at least once?


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