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Extraordinary Fine-dining Experiences in Odaiba

Odaiba, Tokyo’s futuristic high-tech entertainment hub located in Tokyo Bay. The artificial island is popular with locals and tourists alike, as it’s packed with first-class hotels, out of this world attractions and luxury restaurants serving divine dishes with panoramic views. Want to experience luxury dinning while taking in the views of this futuristic city? Keep on reading for the best Japanese restaurants promised to deliver both.

Panoramic Views from your table

Odaiba is blessed with spectacular views of the Tokyo Bay and the Tokyo City Skyline and the restaurants here don’t take this for granted! Restaurants usually have large picture frame windows, to give you postcard and Instagram worthy views while you enjoy the finest in Japanese cuisine. You can see popular landmarks like the picturesque Rainbow Bridge, Japan’s very own Statue of Liberty and the Tokyo Tower. The best part about Odaiba is the difference in the atmosphere when you visit during the day or night, as each time of the day brings different views and different way to enjoy the city, while enjoying its cuisine.

Dining in the lap of luxury

Odaiba is filled with many boutique restaurants located in first-class hotels, which means you’ll experience that same first-class quality customer service while dinning. This first-class experience includes short wait time for your meal and detailed explanation of dishes presented on the menu, so staff can make a note of any allergies you may have and you can have a better understanding and appreciation of each meal. But don’t just take our word for it, just look at the tons of reviews posted online that pour nothing but high praises for the customer service at any one of these restaurants. Also, locals’ tip, check the restaurants website in advance to see if there will be any seasonal desserts.

Luxurious Spaces

Odaiba is a calm laid back city with many restaurants adhering to its relaxed luxurious vibe. With several restaurants decked with chandeliers, large picture frame windows and lush greenery all calmly illuminated with soft lighting makes it the perfect spot for date and anniversary celebrations. Several restaurants have achieved the art of transporting you into whatever reality it exists in, for example; you have restaurants with Japanese style gardens that make you forget you’re in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Another step that restaurants take to ensure the upmost enjoyment in your visit, is that all the seats are well spaced apart so as not to disturb you from the chatter of the table next to you.

Scenic outdoor seating

Enjoy your meal within the open air of Tokyo Bay. Several are furnished with indoor and outdoor seating, giving you the choice of how and where you enjoy your meal.)(Outdoor seats come in a range of options from cozy cushioned sofas to wooden seats wrapped with greenery, which are bound to enhance the flavor and experience of your meal. These outdoor seats are not only to be enjoyed during the day but also from evening to night, so that you can bask in the beauty of the Tokyo sunset while savoring a traditional Japanese meal.

Luxurious ingredients and experiences

Odaiba is popular with people from all over the world and the chef carefully pick their ingredients to cater to a variety of taste. Restaurants in Japan pride themselves on the origin of their ingredients and this is shown in their menu where the source oof each ingredient is stated in their menus. Restaurants also serve a wide variety of alcohol and provide expert recommendations on the best match for each meal, so don’t worry about being overwhelmed by the vast options presented to you, as the staff are there to help. For that unforgettable experience, enjoy the exhilarating performance as the chefs expertly prepare traditional Japanese dishes such as teppanyaki and tempura inches from your plate.

Breath taking scenery and delectable cuisine

Odaiba gifts its visitors the experience of Japanese fine dining that not only caters to your taste buds but to all five senses. These restaurants offer the traveling foodie not only mouthwatering dishes but, scenic views with first-class customer service. So set a date and visit Tokyo Bay’s luxury island and enjoy the charms it has to offer in scenery, cuisine and fine-dining that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world.

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