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Attract the attention of the world with Eat Pro Japan!

Eat Pro Japan is an international restaurant reservation site where people from all over the world, including foodies from Japan, can reserve their spot at any Japanese restaurant they so desire. Japanese food has been recognized as an important part of the world’s cultural heritage, and attention to Japanese gourmet food is increasing across the globe. From its location in Tokyo, Eat Pro Japan utilizes its unique services and strengths to convey the charm of different restaurants and help everyone smoothly book reservations at wonderful eateries throughout Japan.

Eat Pro Japan also provides video support to maximize the appeal of a restaurant. It is a unique merit that videos can appeal to you both visually and audibly, such as with the steam of freshly prepared dishes or the sound of frying ingredients, with it otherwise being difficult to convey articles only through still images and text. With the introduction of video, users will now be able to have a more concrete image of restaurants and their food, which will increase the online reservation rate. We utilize an open-source online video application to help create videos, allowing you to deploy high-quality videos at no extra cost to your restaurant.

Another major strength of Eat Pro Japan is that restaurant reservations can be made smoothly, thanks to our most advanced and excellent homepage marketing design features. When searching through the Internet for a restaurant that you might be interested in, you will usually first enter the desired conditions, search, and then compare and narrow down the restaurants displayed in the following results. However, the process of opening the pages of these restaurants and going back and forth between them can be very complicated and time consuming. Expanding multiple tabs and filling your screen with multiple windows can also prove to be very stressful. Thus, by using the Eat Pro Japan website, you can easily avoid all the hassle. Images and videos of multiple restaurants can be displayed together on a single screen, allowing users to compare restaurants visually and quickly. With this service, allowing you to carefully convey the charm of a restaurant, users can save the time and trouble of choosing a place to eat at.

Eat Pro Japan makes it much easier to reflect on the screen once the user completes a reservation. As soon as someone’s reservation information is updated, it is automatically reflected on to their screen, so the user does not have to update the screen multiple times. With this real-time reservation service, users can approach the reservation procedure with peace of mind because they can always check the latest vacant seat information, even at popular stores where reservations are filled up rather quickly.

In addition, restaurant companies can set their own tags as keywords for when people search, regardless of whether the tag is in the template or not. It is convenient to use these unique tags whenever you want to emphasize your restaurant’s uniqueness and differentiate yourself from other stores. You can get the attention of your customers by adding catchy tags that describe the charm and characteristics of your restaurant.

Our Company aims to bring joy, surprises and new discoveries to all food lovers around the world. To do so, we must provide excellent services that transcend both national and language barriers. Eat Pro Japan consists of a multilingual team of not only Japanese staff but also staff members from various other countries and regions as well as staff who understand a wide range of Japanese culture for which they can provide high-quality translations. For example, when a user is making a reservation, we translate the menu into a language that better suits them, preventing troubles caused by misunderstandings regarding food or services. In addition, by providing a service that displays table etiquette in multiple languages, ​​once a reservation is completed, users will be able to enjoy their meals with peace of mind without worrying about their table manners throughout the day. Furthermore, by setting up a multilingual customer service base, even those who are not good at speaking or reading Japanese can make inquiries either by phone or email with confidence on how our site operates.

Eat Pro Japan provides an online reservation system that makes full use of the latest technology, with a deep understanding of the needs and feelings of member restaurants and users. Even though it is already easy for users to operate, with the introduction of list displays and videos, it will be much easier for affiliated restaurants to convey the appeal of their food and shops to new users. Lastly, since the website language setting is multilingual, it is now possible for us to convey the charm of any restaurant to people all over the world, not just in Japan. Eat Pro Japan will be able to improve the image of restaurants internationally in this way and increase the number of store visits.

A bridge that connects gourmet lovers from around the world via Japanese restaurants!

The goal of Eat Pro Japan is to deepen each other’s understanding of one another’s culture, with the first step being to create a place where Japanese restaurants and food lovers in Japan as well as from around the world can share and respect each other's cultures and enjoy each other’s company while also enjoying the best meals that they can. It is paramount that we create a dining environment that can be understood by anyone. So why not consider opening a store in Eat Pro Japan, which provides services to overcome such barriers, and help us aim for a world where communication and different cultures do not pass each other by?


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