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Taste the Heart of Japan

Discover the best food, the most exciting trends, attractions and events in the restaurant industry in Japan.

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Let's look at what the best food is to enjoy and what are the fun things to do this month.

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Tokyo newS

Whether or not you love the great food in Tokyo, or simply love the most popular city on the planet. We have got some inspiring news for you.

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Foodie hangouts

Where are the go-to places for foodies to hang out and to connect with other foodies in our food lover community?

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Foodies' Hot Spots

These places are full of food lovers' adventure stories and unforgettable memories, they are also loved by many food lovers for a great meal experience.

A taste at the heart of Tokyo

Japanese restaurants and chefs are some of the most respected things in the city because they create pleasure and enjoyment with great food.

joy, wonder & new discovery 

Eat Pro Japan's mission is to deliver joy, wonder & new discoveries to all food lovers in the world.