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Ginza, Yokohama, Osaka & Nagoya's Fine Dining Scenes

Many adult travelers are not satisfied with only eating fabulous food, but also desire a luxury experience. This may be enjoying the finest quality in ingredients or a meal prepared by a renowned chef. Continue reading for restaurants that will provide all of that and more.

Ginza, the luxury dining hub of Tokyo

"Ginza is known for its many fashionable restaurants as well as Japan's leading business district. Many customers come to high-class restaurants with a mature atmosphere every day. The restaurants are used for a number of reasons including but not limited to, business meetings, lunch dates and romantic dinners. Ginza is not only popular for its restaurants and luxury fashion stores but also for the top class Japanese hospitality one will experience there.

Continental dining, where you can enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of authentic European cuisine and dining while in Japan. Such as listening to a live orchestra performance while sipping on some afternoon tea, are one of the few luxuries that can be enjoyed here. You can also enjoy lunch with a glass of champagne in hand.

“Sky High” fine dining in Yokohama

Yokohama, a popular tourist destination and Tokyo’s urban twin, has a wide variety of restaurants promising delicious gourmet meals. After an exciting day visiting popular tourist attractions you can end the day at Yokohama’s Landmark Tower. This tower, the city’s tallest building at 250 meters, has first class restaurant located on its top floor, that is popular for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. And of course, a restaurant at the top floor of a 250 meters tall building definitely has the best views of the city and the Yokohama Bay. The luxury views from the top floor definitely enhances the experience of each meal.

The “Genre-less” Cuisine of Osaka

West Yokozuna, a term describing the highest rank of sumo wrestlers, is popularly used by locals to describe Osaka’s fine dining scene. This fine dining scene, a combination of Western and Japanese cuisine, is also describe as genre-less. Apart of this genre-less cuisine is Teppanyaki, a post-World War 2 Japanese cuisine. This post WW 2 cuisine, along with Western dishes are combined to create eclectic dishes which are served in buffet style and pre-designed courses, are very popular.

Love at first bite in Nagoya

Next on our list is Nagoya, the urban hub and capital of Aichi prefecture about a 2-hour bullet train ride from Tokyo, isn’t short of fine-dining experiences. One of these experiences is having is watching as a skilled chef vividly prepares your mouth-watering meal just inches from your plate. Also, don’t worry about calories or breaking your diet while food-hunting in Nagoya, as a number of the restaurants are health conscious as encouraged by the local government. So, gather your friends, family or just yourself and visit Nagoya and enjoy what it has to offer in fine dining.

Enjoy the variety of fine dining experiences of Japan

Ginza, Yokohama, Osaka, and Nagoya are all popular and well know local and international tourists destinations Each having its own unique style of culinary art and experience. Pick one, or all, and take your taste buds on trip!


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