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Popular among the wealthy in Roppongi, the trend of high-end restaurants

The area around Roppongi Station is known for being very lively, but the town will instantly change to a calmer and more mature atmosphere when entering from a side street or a short distance away from the station itself. With such duality, what are the trends in fine dining in Roppongi at the moment?

A little far away from the station

The area around Roppongi Station is an area where you can encounter many young people, and many of these youths tend to sport more of a futuristic appearance. However, Roppongi also has an art museum, and it is also a town that allows a generous number of adults to gather together too, such as at spaces with abundant greenery.

There are many restaurants in front of Roppongi Station. However, in order to enjoy a relaxing meal, there is a growing tendency to dine at quiet places as opposed to the lively ones. For this reason, we have chosen to offer some luxury restaurants recommendations on the ground floors of buildings or in houses in quiet areas, a short distance from the station.

For those who enjoy dining in Roppongi, a change of scenery from the hustle and bustle of the town center is one of the most important factors when choosing a restaurant.

Japanese taste

What is popular in Roppongi right now is restaurants that fuse Japanese style with foreign cuisine. Although belonging to the categories of French, Italian, and Chinese cuisine, restaurants show that they use ingredients specific to Japan, and a cooking method that also adopts Japanese techniques not bound by conventional concepts, resulting in an original product.

For example, there are many restaurants where authentic international chefs work, such as Chinese chefs for Chinese cuisine and French chefs for French cuisine. They are, of course, professionals when it comes to authentic cooking and show great skill in their cooking abilities. However, what is attracting attention in Roppongi now are dishes created by Japanese chefs that have more of a Japanese flavor, rather than an authentic taste.

The reason why you are not looking for authentic taste

The fact that the city of Roppongi does not seek authentic taste is probably related to the fact that it is a city where successful people, the elite, and the highly-specialized congregate. People who are busy flying around the world and are aware of authentic taste, have become tired of always eating authentic food and foreign meals. Also, nowadays it is becoming easier to experience the authentic taste of many countries’ cuisines within Japan, and this trend is evident in many areas outside Roppongi.

People who eat in Roppongi are always looking for newer and higher-level food. The restaurants that they appreciate make the most of the skills of their Japanese chefs. The dexterity and finesse of the Japanese hand in preparing and balancing a dish is a work of art in its own right, not to be confused with the real thing.

A Japanese commitment to drinks

In Roppongi, the trend is for restaurants to incorporate Japanese influences in more than just the ingredients and cooking methods. One of the most important things to remember before and during a meal are the drinks, including alcohol.

Champagne and wine are the preferred choice of drinks when it comes to alcohol in restaurants, and there is also a selection from Japanese wineries. Restaurants always carry champagne and wine from Japanese wineries, as they have a slightly different taste to French and Italian champagnes, and are highly appreciated by Japanese and foreign guests alike, as they go well with the restaurant's cuisine.

In addition, some restaurants also offer alternatives that you can enjoy, such as several types of Japanese black tea. This is popular when you realize the deliciousness of Japanese black tea, which is completely different from what you would drink at home.

It may not be Japanese, but you can still feel Japanese

It's not really Japanese food, but it's a restaurant with a Japanese spirit, and is the talk of the town in the trendy Roppongi district.. If you decide to visit with your loved ones, it will surely be a wonderful surprise.


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