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High-class Restaurants that Nurture a "Heart of Hospitality"

The area around Tokyo Station, which is known as Japan’s economic and administrative center, is famous for also being a tourist spot. Many tourists visit it each day, both domestic and international. At the fine dining restaurants in the area, you can enjoy the unique qualities of this locale. Let us take a look at these details in particular.

Tokyo, the capital of Japan! An area crowded with many people

Tokyo Station, where many Shinkansen or “bullet trains” and limited express trains stop, including conventional lines such as the JR Yamanote Line and Keihin Tohoku Line, plays an important role as a terminal station for people who travel for the purpose of commuting, going to school, or just traveling in general. Alongside the station rests the historic Marunouchi station building, which was completed in 1914 and is famous for its red brick construction. And in 2003 it was designated as an important national and cultural property, and has also become a popular tourist spot, both domestically and internationally. In addition, there are many head office buildings, government offices, and large-scale commercial facilities of listed companies that represent Japan around Tokyo Station. Especially in areas such as Yaesu, Marunouchi, and Nihonbashi, many businessmen and tourists seem to be there every day, going to and from Tokyo metropolis.

Very satisfying, even for those who are picky

There are many fashionable and luxurious restaurants around Tokyo Station, which continues to develop as a tourist spot while also being at the center of the Japanese economy. Not only can it be used as a place for negotiations with important business partners, but it can also have the perfect atmosphere for a date with a lover. One of the characteristics of high-class restaurants located around Tokyo Station is that you can choose from a wide variety of dishes. Not only Japanese, Western, or Chinese food, but also specifically sushi and yakiniku are available, so even the most discerning person will be satisfied. In addition, many stores offer menus that match the budget and preferences of other stores by telling you them in advance, so even first-time visitors can rest assured.

The best secret ingredient! The view from inside the restaurant!

Speaking of the area around Tokyo Station, it is known for its beautiful night-time view. Since it is frequently introduced on TV and information programs, many people may have seen it through various sources. There are many fine restaurants where you can enjoy a good night-time view outside the window while enjoying delicious gourmet food. This is also a unique feature that can be found around Tokyo Station. The red brick station building looks different during the daytime, compared to how powerful it looks at night. The sight of illuminated conventional lines and Shinkansen going back and forth is one that is full of dynamism. It is a fascinating area throughout the year, but it is exceptionally beautiful during Christmas and all the way to the end of the year. Many couples and families come just for the city’s Christmas lights.

A valuable experience at a prestigious hotel

If you come to the area around Tokyo Station, you may expect some great hospitality. For such people, dining at a hotel is recommended. As mentioned earlier, the area around Tokyo Station plays a central role in the economy and administration, so there are many hotels where government officials and overseas businessmen from each country are likely stay. You can enjoy a serious and prestigious atmosphere just by stepping into a restaurant inside one of these hotels. It is unique to this area that you can enjoy delicious gourmet food while feeling the history and traditions of Japan.

Finally, the popular Imperial Palace! You can feel the change of the four seasons

The Imperial Palace is very popular with people visiting Tokyo from overseas. A large number of people are always visiting the nearby restaurants where you can enjoy gourmet food while looking down on the Imperial Palace. Among them, the restaurant that has a reputation for overlooking the "Wadakura Fence" is most famous. The Imperial Palace, which is located in the middle of Tokyo, while still having a lush and green environment, is often visited by tourists who want to experience the changing seasons. Surprisingly, there are many restaurants around the Imperial Palace, and many people prefer the terrace seats that provide them with a feeling of openness.

Restaurants in the area around Tokyo Station that attract attention! Popular for sincere customer service

Tokyo Station, where conventional lines, bullet trains, and limited express trains come and go, plays a role as a terminal station and is also famous as a tourist spot. The area is dotted with fine dining restaurants and is used by so many. Not only does it provide delicious gourmet food, but it also features heartfelt hospitality.


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