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The Best Sushi Experience & Correct Way to Eat Sushi!

Sushi, a symbol of Japan's long-standing traditional food culture, has a few rules and etiquette on how it should be eaten. In this article, we will share a few tips for the best sushi experience, along with information on rare and luxury labelled sushi.

Recommended eating order

First, I’ll tell you the recommended order when eating sushi. One should always start with the lightest or freshest sushi first while your palette, this is because if you were to start with a more flavorful sushi you wouldn’t be able to taste or enjoy the lighter flavor of the first sushi. And finally, after eating a fresh salmon sushi and heading to a riche flavorful sushi, the sushi roll. This rule of “eating in order” is not only for sushi but it applies to any gourmet meal.

A fresh or lighter tasting sushi refers to white fish such as the Thai flounder. Then, richer or more flavorful sushi such as horse mackerel, lean tuna, tuna toro (fatty), sea urchin and salmon roe will increase in thickness, and the conger eel with sauce should be eaten last. One of the reasons for eating rolls last is because it’s the custom to start and end with a lighter or fresher sushi.

How to apply salty soy sauce

Soy sauce, a staple in any sushi meal, it can enhance the flavor of your sushi but only if used correctly. The saying “less is more” definitely applies here, as too much soy sauce can overwhelm the taste. And it should only be added, in small amounts, to the rice or nori (seaweed), because soy sauce can cause the sushi to lose its shape. It’s natural to make a few mistakes your first time, but with continued practice and patience you’ll be eating sushi like a local.

How to eat sushi

During the Edo period, sushi was actually much smaller than the sushi we know today, so it was the custom to eat sushi by hand. And this custom still holds true to today, and is regarded as the proper way to eat sushi. This tradition is especially dear to the older generation of Japan and this custom is still practice today in high-class sushi restaurants.

The rare tuna delicacy

Toro or the fatty part of tuna is considered to be the most expensive cut, but there exists an even more rare cut of this popular sushi fish. The two most rare and expensive cuts of tuna are the cheek and the brain.

Tuna cheek, its crunchy texture and rich flavor makes it the most satisfying part of the fish. The tuna’s cheek is prepared by lightly roasting and the taste can be compared to beef steak.

Next is the brain, the rarest part of the tuna where only a small percentage, 0.4%, can be taken from it. The brain is considerably fattier than the Toro and is also richer in taste. So, if you enjoy eating the Toro you’ll definitely enjoy the brain.

Traditional fine-dining experience Enjoy sushi the right way Let's enjoy high-class sushi once in the original way of eating

This may all be new to you but me encourage you try our how-to tips at you next fine-dining sushi experience. We hope these tips awaken a new sense of charm with sushi that you never experienced before.


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