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The Ultimate Guide to Enjoy Yakiniku

There is no better way to celebrate or fix a bad day than with sizzling mouth-watering grilled meat. Yakiniku is a Japanese celebratory meal full of happiness even though it’s just grilling and eating meat. Continue reading for our guide on how to enjoy Japanese Yakiniku.

Types of yakiniku restaurants

Each restaurant has its own unique and creative ways of preparing Yakiniku, so we recommend doing a little research before deciding on which restaurant to visit.

How to make Yakiniku

The flavor and experience of your Yakiniku depends on how you decide to grill it. Whether you decide to use a charcoal-grill, gas-fired iron plate or a smokeless roaster. For example, the charcoal fire passes easily through the meat more easily than the typical gas fire, so the essence of the charcoal gives you that rich smoky taste. Also, gas fires are easy to control and you are less likely to overcook or undercook the meat. And we recommend trying smokeless roasters if you don’t not a fan of smelling like meat.

Recommend meat

The types of meat that we recommend are lean meat, and marbled meat, and hormones. Therefore, choose a restaurant that suits your mood and what kind of meat you want to eat. For example, if you want to enjoy hormone meat, you can easily eat more delicious hormones by choosing a restaurant that has hormones in the shop name.

Meat type

When choosing where to dine, we recommend doing a little research beforehand on the type of meat each restaurant serves, whether it is domestic or imported meat. Also, try to pay attention to whether it’s Japanese black beef or just regular Japanese beef like the domestic Wagyu beef; as the taste of each beef differs greatly. Japanese black beef, a hybrid made only in Japan, has a taste that varies depending on where it was produced. For example, Omi beef is famous type of Japanese black beef that has a strong sweet and savory flavor. So visit your nearest Japanese meat shop and try the different varieties of Japanese black beef.

Order to eat

There are no strict rules for what meat to grill or eat first when making yakiniku, but there are many locals who have created their own order of grilling.

There’s an unofficial rule that salted beef tongue should be the first to hit the grill. This is because the refreshing salty meat is easier to enjoy with a clean palette before you start with any ribbed sauced meat. Beef tongue is usually cooked first while the grill is still clean to prevent any residue from the previous meat affecting its taste. And if you were to eat the sauced meat first then the beef tongue wouldn’t be as enjoyable.

Enjoy Japanese Yakiniku! Let's enjoy delicious yakiniku in a fun way.

In this article we introduced traditional Japanese Yakiniku, the types of preferred meat and the order to cook them. Also, don’t just stop at meat, visit any Japanese Yakiniku restaurant and enjoy a variety of sides; such as cold noodles and bi bim bap, a Korean dish of warm white rice topped with kimchi or soy sauce. So, go and discover Japan Yakiniku.


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