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Have a special experience within the Akasaka area

The Akasaka area has different characteristics from other areas, and you can have a special experience through its gourmet food. Here, we will touch upon the characteristics of this area and the trending restaurants and shops that can be enjoyed within.

What is the Akasaka area?

The Akasaka area, located on the eastern side of Minato-ku, Tokyo, is a place where many celebrities live, with its many luxury condominiums and homes. At the same time, it is also known as a high-class downtown area, where high-end restaurants and shops are gathered. Due to its location being near Nagata-cho, the political center of Japan, it has also become an area where people from the political and business worlds will often visit. Furthermore, foreigners such as embassy expatriates, will often stay within this area, allowing you to feel a global atmosphere.

The area around Akasaka Mitsuke, where many high-end restaurants used to be, is gradually increasing in the number of Korean restaurants and massage shops, and the Akasaka area is constantly changing its appearance to suit. There is also a large commercial complex, which is entertaining for many people as a spot where you can enjoy cutting-edge shopping and gourmet food. If you want to enjoy the taste of fine restaurants and stores, you should visit the area near Nagata-cho.

You can enjoy the feeling of a long-established restaurant

Many long-established restaurants are gathered in the Akasaka area, whose long history can be felt in the luxurious cuisine they have to offer. Due to the high frequency of use by celebrities and people within the spheres of business and politics, many places will have private rooms, so you can enjoy a relaxing meal with your loved ones while maintaining privacy from others. It is also recommended for special occasions, such as celebrations and anniversaries. In addition to the food, the buildings and arrangements are very luxurious and gives you a sense of a traditional Japanese culture, creating an all-around special mood.

Such is the case for high-class restaurants near Akasaka Mitsuke Station, where you can enjoy the taste of a rich and special world from the moment you pass through the doors. Along with being welcomed by a traditional waitress that is wearing a kimono, you will receive the sincerest of hospitality. The garden, which has both a quiet and solemn atmosphere, is lined with lanterns, and the warm lights combined with a Japanese atmosphere will invite visitors to start spending a luxurious time together. The private rooms, made from hand-painted gold leaf Kaga Yuzen and Echizen Japanese paper, are made in a full-fledged Sukiya style, so that you can experience true traditional Japanese culture. Kaiseki dishes are made with utmost care, using ingredients carefully selected by the chef. Not only will you be surprised by their deep taste, texture, and fragrance, but also by the beauty of their presentation being at a level that sets them apart from the rest, so much so that they are said to be works of art. Enjoying a luxurious meal in a luxurious place will help provide you with a special and memorable experience.

Enjoy luxurious cuisine from all around the world

In the Akasaka area, you can also enjoy gourmet food other than just Japanese cuisine. There is a French restaurant that is run by a chef who was trained at a three-star restaurant in France, alongside a Sichuan restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Chinese spice. There are even high-class restaurants of various other countries, such as teppan dishes where you can enjoy steak that melts in your mouth the more you chew. All of them use ingredients carefully selected for their dish, and all dishes are made using cooking methods that maximize the deliciousness of the ingredients, which makes visiting foodies quite enthusiastic. Not only is the food delicious, but the atmosphere of the restaurants is very calm, making them spaces full of luxury.

So why not spend a luxurious time away from usual?

At high-end restaurants and others within the Akasaka area, you can have a wonderfully rich experience. This area is recommended when you want to share a special time with your loved ones. And you may be both surprised and impressed with what you find.


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