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A Luxurious Dining Experience within Shinjuku

Shinjuku, where many businesspeople come and go, is lined with a wide variety of restaurants. But some of them are special restaurants that you may want to visit on a special day out. So why not heal your body and soul with the best food and service in these wonderful restaurants that are so full of luxury.

Simple dishes with a focus on ingredients

When do you feel that special taste? When do you have a dish that shines within a fashionable space? In accordance with those questions, we believe that real, delicious food is something that should give you a special feeling immediately upon putting it in your mouth.

Not only do they stick to the best ingredients, but all dishes that are made to bring out the best of the ingredients are simple in design. The restaurants in Shinjuku are very particular about not only providing meals, but also providing you with the most delicious food in the best conditions possible. If you can feel such craftsmanship firsthand, it will be the best time to enjoy a special taste like no other.

Meat dishes in Shinjuku

The finest and most carefully selected meats will give you a supreme experience, with the taste of meat spreading in your mouth as you chew. Steak and yakiniku are popular meat dishes, but because they are such simple dishes the delicious flavour of the ingredients shines through. It is nice to have a delicious meal with friends, but it is also an adult's preference to just enjoy the pure taste of meat in a relaxed atmosphere. If it is a steak you desire, you can leave the cooking to us, but for yakiniku and other dishes that you will finish yourself, you can prevent mistakes by checking if there are detailed cooking methods or special tips to avoid ruining the delicious meat. And if you know the rarer parts of meat, you can give off a gourmet impression to others, so it is usually a good idea to try out a specialty shop that handles those rare parts.

Sushi in Shinjuku

Please come to the counter for delicious sushi that will resonate with the Japanese tongue and heart. The area across the counter is the sanctuary of the cook. You can feel the timing of the food being served and the delicate care put into it, impressing you not only with the meal itself but with the way in which it was prepared. You will also be able to broaden your culinary knowledge and experience by trying new dishes and recommendations using seasonal ingredients.

Enjoy the space

The taste of a meal depends not only on the taste itself, but also on the space in which you enjoy it and the people you spend it with. Whether you want to enjoy chatting with a good friend, or spend time inside a calm space when wanting to get closer to your partner, Shinjuku will fulfill your wishes.

Hidden space

When you grow up you will want to have at least one famous restaurant that only you know about, but the Shinjuku Yoyogi area is dotted with hideaway restaurants that can be used for both dinners and dates. You can enjoy delicious Italian food, sushi, wine, and more in a quiet and relaxing environment. If you can find your favourite hideaway restaurant, you will have no trouble dining with that special someone.

A moment at the hotel

There are many luxury hotels in Shinjuku, where you can enjoy not only accommodation but also delicious food and the high level of service that only a hotel can provide. In the daytime, you can enjoy a buffet or afternoon tea, and in the evening, you can enjoy a wine bar with a view of the night sky or a grill bar with a dynamic performance. These services are recommended for adults, as you can spend a relaxing and luxurious time in a space that just makes you feel great. The seasonal afternoon tea is particularly popular with women, and offers a special opportunity to enjoy a delicious cup of tea in addition to seasonal table settings and food.

Experience more than just eating

In the Shinjuku area, a big city, you will find many restaurants serving delicious meat dishes and sushi. You can choose the restaurant that best suits your taste and the particulars of each restaurant you visit. There are also many luxury hotels in the area, which you can take advantage of when you want to experience something extraordinary.


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