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Tokyo’s Luxury Dining-Bar Experience

A high-end dining bar for those special occasions. Tokyo is a city of sophistication where you can enjoy a beautiful night view. Allow us to introduce you to some of Tokyo’s finest dining bars where you can enjoy a drink as well as a meal.

A glorious night view all round

High-end dining bars are usually located on the top floors of skyscrapers with the beautiful night views being one of their key features. Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, Rainbow Bridge, Roppongi's Midtown and Odaiba are just a few of the many famous places in Tokyo that offer great views at night. There is no better place to enjoy a meal and a drink than in front of such an exceptional view. Listening to jazz music while holding a glass of wine and looking out the window into the night... this is the image of ‘adult’ that everyone has had in their mind at one point or another.

The night view changes depending on the location of the bars, so it may be interesting to compare the views from different places. And many of the bars offering these night views also have live piano, so you can enjoy your time with all your senses.

You can relax with a wonderful sense of service

High-end dining bars in Tokyo usually have a large number of customers and competition with other bars is fierce. As a result, the customer service skills of the staff have naturally improved, and many of the bars boast a high level of hospitality. These bars don't just take your order and serve you your food, they also suggest meals to go with the alcohol you have ordered and introduce you to the current trending drinks and seasonal appetizers. The staff are always keeping an eye out for all of their guests, so if you drop your cutlery or want to order something extra they will most likely notice and come to your service immediately. And they are always thoroughly looking after you but without being a distraction, so that you can concentrate on eating and chatting.

Top notch food and drinks

Being a high-end dining bar there is no compromise in food or drinks. Many of the items on the menu are made using premium ingredients and cuts of meat. There are also many rare ingredients and cooking methods, so it can be fun just to gaze at the menu. These are not ordinary dishes, they have been prepared with extra effort and you can be sure that you will be completely satisfied with them. They also stock seasonal produce and specialty drinks depending on the season, so you can enjoy a delicious meal and drink in every season. Many of the bars also offer original cocktails too, so it is advised to ask the staff about them. And sometimes they can even make an original cocktail based on your preferences.

The interiors are a sight to behold too

The interior and themes of the bars are often unified depending on the store, creating an internal space with various styles such as antique, Japanese, overseas, and secluded. The well-thought-out layouts of the bars will give you an extraordinary feeling, as if you are in another world. They also have multiple private rooms, with the themes of each room differing. Even if you are a regular customer, you may discover something new when you are shown to a different private room. Not just the tables, chairs, and sofas are different though, it’s many of the little things like decorative objects and paintings, which shine with a sense of style and are photogenic and pleasing to the eye. The interior designs show the unique personalities of the bars, so it is worth taking a look around.

Let’s enjoy a high-end dining bar

If you want to enjoy not only delicious food and drinks, but also the entirety of the space a high-end dining bar is the place to go. You can enjoy a wonderfully quiet and relaxing time there. And you will most certainly be able to find a favorite bar that you would feel it might be shame to tell others about it.


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