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Trendy Luxury Restaurants in Nakameguro and Odaiba

Nakameguro and Odaiba are gaining popularity as places where you can a luxurious lifestyle. Here, we will introduce the features of high-class restaurants in these two areas.


Nakameguro is a city where many stylish shops are gathered and it’s highly respected by the most fashionable in Tokyo. About 830 cherry blossom trees are planted by the Meguro River, and every year more cherry blossom trees are planted in spring. Which makes is a popular Hanami, or cherry blossom viewing, spot every Spring. While seeking cutting-edge design and style, we also value the traditional beauty of Japan, that gives both local and international visitors a unique experience.

In addition, mansions are lined up around Aobadai, which extends to the north of the Meguro River, and it is also known as a high-class residential area where many Japanese celebrities call home. There are many restaurants in the Nakameguro area as a whole, but among them, there are many high-class restaurants around Aobadai, which is a recommended spot for celebrations, get-togethers and first dates.

What are the qualities of a first-class restaurant in Nakameguro?

Nakameguro has a high-class atmosphere, and there are many first-class restaurants in this area where you can experience the particulars. Especially in the Aobadai area, which is also a high-class residential area. The luxury concept from a famous coffee shop is also located in this area. It’s attracting a lot of attention from people who are looking for high quality product because it offers cocktails and high-quality coffee that can only be enjoyed here.

Another characteristic of this area is the wide variety of dishes, such as authentic Spanish bar, Japanese cuisine, and grilled meat made from lava stone. There are many restaurants that adults can enjoy and restaurants that pursue the authentic taste, and all of them are focusing on the interior to suit this city. Many people come to share a special time with their loved ones.


Odaiba is a man-made island surrounded by the Tokyo Bay and has many areas that are maintained as theme or recreational parks. It’s also a popular tourist and date spot, with large commercial facilities. Odaiba is also well known for its night view where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Tokyo city lights. After enjoying a meal at any of the number of luxury restaurants located in the area, we recommended a leisurely stroll along the beach for the full experience.

What are the qualities of a first-class restaurant in Odaiba?

Odaiba has everything from casual restaurants that are family friendly to more formal restaurants for inmate dining experiences. Many high-class restaurants are designed so that you can enjoy the beauty of Odaiba, namely its night time view and the Tokyo Bay. For example, there are restaurants where you can enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine while looking out on the Rainbow Bridge, and restaurants where you can enjoy the glittering night view of Tokyo city. Odaiba is also recommended for special occasions and anniversaries.

Fine dining in Tokyo

Nakameguro and Odaiba both luxury dining for luxurious experiences, but they both offer different experiences at different locations. So, choose whichever location, or both, depending on what fine dining experience you’re looking for that day.


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