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Popular Cocktails in Tokyo’s Luxury Hotels

Enjoying exotic cocktail creations when staying at any luxury hotel bar is a definite must. As each cocktail brings with it a different experience with every sip, enhancing your stay. So take your time and unwind with us as we share our favorite cocktails to enjoy at your next getaway.

The Royal Cocktail Martini and the savory Bloody Mary

Martinis are made by mixing vermouth with gin, a popular distilled liquor. This cocktail is one of our favorites because you can taste the style and craftmanship of each bartender in every sip. Contrary to its delicate appearance, the alcohol content can go up to 30%, but this can easily be reduced with just a few ice cubes. Bloody Mary, just as popular the martini, is a vodka-based liquor made with tomato and lemon juice; who’s flavor can be enhanced with Tabasco or pepper. Bloody Mary often misleads her drinkers into expecting a sweet savory pleasant drink, due to her name and the two fruits used in the mixture, but don’t be fooled because her alcohol content can be as high as 40%.

Beauty Queens Mimosa and Fuzzy Navel

The beauty queens of liquor, Mimosa and Fuzzy Navel, are popular not only for their tropical looks but for their sweet refreshing taste. Mimosas are a cocktail blend of sparkling wine and orange juice. It got its name from the almost transparent sparkling wine base which enhances the orange of the orange juice giving it the appearance of a mimosa flower.

Our second beauty Queen, Fuzzy Navel, is a sweet and refreshing cocktail mixture of peach spirit and orange juice. This cocktail is great for light drinkers as the alcohol content is a low 4%, and the sweetness of peaches and oranges makes it a must try drink for those who aren’t fond of the bitter alcohol taste. So, try these sweet light cocktails on your next luxury getaway for that refreshing tropical taste.

The customizable cocktails; Screwdriver and Campari

For the curious drinker who is unsure about their tolerance but still wants to try. The Screwdriver, a simple combination of vodka and orange juice, got its name from the American oil miners who would use a screwdriver to mix their drink as there weren’t any spoons around. Since the base is vodka, one would expect the alcohol content to be 40% and above, so why is this cocktail recommended for light drinkers? How do you lower the alcohol content of a drink when its already so high? Just add more orange juice! With a drink this customizable no wonder its popular among men and women. Campari is a mixture of Italian grapefruits, gin and tonic. Campari is popular with women because its bright enticing red which pleases the eye as much as its bittersweet taste pleases the tastebud.

American Lemonade and Gin Fizz

The bright red and creamy white of the American Lemonade is a mixture of lemon juice and red wine. Depending on which of the liquids you pour first, you can have red or white at the bottom, therefore making it the best make it your own type of cocktail in style and taste. The soft colors of Gin Fizz is from its mixture of gin with soda and lemon juice. This drink you can enjoy with all five senses, as the sound of the drink bubbling as its poured into your glass adds to the entire experience of this cocktail.

Enjoy with the atmosphere of the bar

Its difficult to imagine the taste of any cocktail drink from just hearing its name. So we hope our list of the most popular and must try drinks help to make your next visit to the bar an easier one. Also, don’t be shy about asking the bartender to explain a drink to you, they’ll be more than happy.


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