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Mastery of the 5 Senses in Japanese Restaurants

If you are looking for a special new experience while enjoying delicious food, then check out the restaurants in Japan that will delight all of your senses. The food itself is very special but the ingenuity that goes into it is even more so, making for an absolute first-rate experience.

A growing number of restaurants in Japan offer a feast for the senses

Traditionally Japanese people not only savored their food with their taste buds, but also enjoyed the craftsmanship of the tableware and the presentation of the food with their eyes or listened to the quiet sound of a *shishiodoshi during their meal. It was important to also satisfy your soul as well as you taste buds and stomach. This tradition has now evolved and many specialist restaurants that aim to satisfy all of your senses are appearing all over Japan. These restaurants go beyond the boundaries of normal dining are a great place to experience new dining sensations, so how about trying one out. These restaurants will be of great help to you in making lots of memories, celebrating anniversaries and other important dates with your loved ones, and also in expanding your own horizons.

*A shishiodoshi is a traditional water filled bamboo tube which clacks against a stone when emptied.

What does it mean to enjoy with all your senses? Attractive presentations

A wide variety of restaurants from luxurious to secluded

Restaurants with the theme of enjoying with all your senses offer a variety of different presentations to help you have an unforgettable time. Each restaurant’s specific theme differs, with some boasting a rich overtone to lift your spirits, with others offering a peaceful atmosphere so you can enjoy a quite time. There are also others that offer a playful like experience like solving a riddle with food. All of them are filled with the ideas and imaginations of the chefs, so you will certainly be able to enjoy new and precious experiences through the joy of food.

What exactly are these presentations?

There are serval restaurants where the chefs use their unique cooking methods and techniques to produce beautiful presentations for you to enjoy. You may become interested in the unexpected ways they create their bizarre menus, or the clever use of sounds and aromas during the cooking process. There are also restaurants that combine projection mapping images with the dishes and food on your table to create a fantastic viewing experience. Finally, there are also some ingenious presentations that allow the customers to be able to participate in. It would a unique experience to be involved in the cooking process at a restaurant right.

Architects and designers collaborating together

Many of the restaurants that have aimed at delighting all of your senses have collaborated with architects and designers in order to create otherworldly spaces. You can enjoy the expressively abundant interiors, fun artworks, and impressively designed tableware and cutlery. In such a well-designed space your own curiosity will heighten, and you can enjoy being pleasantly inspired at every turn. It is a good place to visit when you want to look for new ideas or to refresh your mind.

The key is to make reservations as early as possible

Popular restaurants that excite your senses are not only visited by Japanese, but also by many foreign tourists as well, which may make it hard to secure a reservation sometimes. If you do some research and find a good-looking restaurant, it would be best to reserve a spot as quickly as possible. In particular, if you find a certain menu item you want try it is recommended to do so straight away, as there is a possibility that it is only available for a limited time.

First, let’s do some research

In Japan there are special restaurants in a variety of areas that are a feast for the senses. In addition to the big cities, there are also hidden gems in the countryside too, so keep your eye out for them. And it’s not all western style food either, there are many Japanese restaurants too, so if you to experience a purely Japanese style be sure to check them out.


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