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Away From Tokyo’s Hustle and Bustle

Close to Shibuya and Shinjuku, Ebisu is an easily accessible area that is full of greenery with a calming and relaxing atmosphere. And because Daikanyama is also close by, this stylish feeling hangs in the air. So let’s take a look at some of the fine restaurants lovely Ebisu has to offer.

Hidden fine dining

A short walk from the station will take you to an elegant area away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with less people it makes you feel as if you have walked into quaint neighborhood. Among the stylish shops there are a number of fine restaurants hidden away, creating a wonderful rich atmosphere. Ebisu is an area with many quiet residential areas, yet seamlessly blends into the surrounding city. Ebisu’s fine restaurants are renowned for having some of the best hospitality and make you feel at home on every occasion, not only on special occasions and anniversaries.

An area that is easily accessible for everyone

Ebisu is an easy town to navigate, so people travelling from afar, or visiting for work are able to find their way to the restaurants with no problems and without needing to do any special preparations. You will find restaurants with everything from traditional Japanese cuisine to Italian, French, and Teppanyaki all within easy reach of the station. You will also be able to enjoy the exclusivity and atmosphere of high-class restaurants. And the restaurants in Ebisu are not overly publicized through advertisements or the internet, and it is this rarity that attracts so many people.

Famous French restaurants

Ebisu is famous for its sophisticated atmosphere, and many first-class French restaurants too. There are various restaurants ranging from super formal where a dress-code is required, to high-class restaurants but with a more welcoming atmosphere. Many of the restaurants will delight French connoisseurs, while many others are thoughtful and accommodate to young couples. There are also restaurants that offer full-course meals as well as a la carte, and there are some exceedingly premium restaurants which are limited to only two couples per day.

Restaurants with a high word of mouth rating

Most restaurants in general, have either a mixed or biased word of mouth rating. But the luxury restaurants in Ebisu have many high word of mouth ratings all round, as well as many first-rate reviews. In other words, you will hear the honest opinions of people who visit there frequently and often dine at luxury restaurants. This shows just how high the level of the Ebisu area really is. Even through a single bottle of wine, of a simple starter, the commitment that the restaurants pour out to their customers is reflected. It is something that can be noticed by those who have experienced the taste of many famous restaurants.

The coziness of Ebisu

Maybe it’s a reflection of the laid-back atmosphere of the Ebisu area, many of the famous restaurants here pursue a homelike cosiness. In addition to the stores relaxed appearances, the restaurants match the overflowing greenery of the townscape, and gives you the feeling of being at home. Many of the restaurants are not only for special occasions like anniversaries either, but make you want to just stop by unexpectedly. They also have an elegance to them without being overly formal. And there is an atmosphere that welcomes you to stay there for hours without making you feel out of place.

Find a famous store that suits you

There are many high-end restaurants in Ebisu that have a relaxing ambiance to them. How about you try choosing a famous restaurant depending on your mood at the time, or maybe just go and visit one of your favorite restaurants while going for a walk. You will most certainly stumble upon a lovely restaurant in Ebisu.


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