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The Ultimate Must Try France Dining Experience

The French cuisine, one of the world's three great cuisines, fascinates people and draws them to France. But you can enjoy this romantic cuisine right here in Japan and we’re going to tell you how to get the most out of your luxury French dining experience here in Japan.

How to choose a first-class French restaurant

In Japan, a French restaurant called "Grande maison" is considered to be "the highest of quality in French restaurants". One way to select a fine French restaurant from the many French restaurants is to search on Google, as it will definitely appear in the media such as restaurants with award-winning chefs, hotel restaurants, magazines, etc. The best restaurant is the one that seeks to achieve the most pleasurable of experiences in taste by sourcing quality ingredients, cooking method, perfection of seasoning, and the creativity of cooking.

The course menu

Speaking of high-class French cuisine, the "course menu" is a major characteristic. Depending on the store and price, the number of items will increase when it comes to a full-course meal at a high-class French restaurant. Generally, it is served in the order of hors d'oeuvre, soup, fish dishes, meat dishes, salads, desserts, fruits, and coffee. In addition, "aperitif" is indispensable before delicious food. Not only does it increase your appetite and make your meal more enjoyable, but it also serves to give you that home-cooked meal experience. Even if you’re not a fan of alcohol, there are a wide selection natural fruit juices to enjoy with your meal.

Chef’s skill and creativity displayed on your plate.

In addition to the course menu, there is another menu called "Chef's Omakase Course". You can enjoy the chef's special dishes using the best ingredients of the day. French cuisine is characterized by abundant ingredients, and even if you’ve had tried many of the popular ingredients, there are still many that you haven’t tried. There are delicacies such as foie gras, escargot, truffles and frogs, calves, sheep hearts, lamb brains, etc., and they can be enjoyed by the chef’s expertise in cooking techniques and use of seasonings.

Dress code of fine dining

When it comes to the pinnacle of French restaurants, "Grande maison", there are dress codes and age limits. Even if you don't usually care about what you wear when going out to eat, when you go to a high-class French restaurant such as "Grand Maison", let's enjoy the full experience of fine dining by dressing up. The finest French restaurants create an atmosphere throughout the restaurant for the ultimate experience in hospitality. By dressing appropriately for the occasion, you can enjoy your meal in a gorgeous atmosphere that matches your well planned out outfit.

Reservations are a must

Reservations are a must if you want to enjoy the finest of French cuisine at popular restaurants with just as popular chefs. Also, when making a reservation, it is important to check not only the date and time but also the menu. If you have any ingredients that you cannot eat, especially if this due to an allergy, just let us know. That way, we can make the necessary adjustments to ensure you enjoy your meal and visit.

Careful selection of restaurants and reservations are essential to enjoy the ultimate French cuisine.

In order to experience the best in French cuisine, it is necessary to choose a high-class French restaurant "Grand Maison" or at the restaurant of a prize-winning chef. Also, be sure to make a reservation after checking the contents of the course menu and the chef's special menu.


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