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Reasons why Tokyo is a Popular Tourist Destination in Asia

Many People named Tokyo as the city they would like to visit in 2019 - Time Out Japan

According to the results of a survey conducted by Time Out Japan, many people named Tokyo as the city they would like to visit in 2019. In recent years, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan has increased, and Tokyo in particular has seen the most rapid influx of foreign visitors compared with the rest of the country.

Why is the popularity of Tokyo growing so fast?

Until now, Japan's natural and historical attractions such as Mt. Fuji and Kyoto have been the center of international tourism. Yet since the end of the 20th century, Japanese Culture has spread around the world and people's interest has turned to the Japanese ‘now’ culture defined in the metropolitan heart of the nation.

A typical example would be Japanese anime. Japanese anime, which has fans all over the world, has been translated into the language of every country and region, and is loved by people around the world in the forms of manga and TV anime. The place where you can come into contact with the most anime available is in Tokyo. Following on from this, Tokyo also boasts a variety of niche attractions such as maid cafes and famous theme parks which attract people inspired by Japanese pop culture.

For many tourists embarking from East Asia, home appliances have long been a staple product they seek out when arriving in Tokyo. Retailers in areas including Akihabara, Shinjuku, and Shibuya proudly display duty-free items with the ‘Made in Japan’ mark affixed to their products. The idea that ‘the quality of products made in Japan is good’ is persistent, and many tourists continue to buy their favorite home appliances as souvenirs.

Of course, there are also many tourists who are fascinated by the ancient Japanese culture of ninja and geisha. And Tokyo is the perfect place to meet the needs of prospective samurai, ninja, and kimono Cosplayers! With a variety of services catering to these so-inclined tourists in today’s popular tourist spots.

As Japanese culture and electrical appliances continue to attract the attentions of tourists to the capital, there is something else that all Tokyo-bound tourists desire regardless of the reason(s) for their trip: Japanese cuisine! Japanese food was registered in 2013 as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage product, and ever since then, people from around the world began paying greater attention to Japan’s unique cuisine options. Due to this, the number of tourists visiting Japan to specifically partake in the one-of-a-kind food options available in Tokyo has increased in tandem with the number of visitors who arrive there year after year!


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